Innovative technology that saves time

Thanks to innovative technology, you can now dramatically reduce the time you need to procure our products, using the WASI Sc@n solution. Whether it's for a shelving system or a barcode catalogue: Scanner solutions work quickly, precisely and simply. The best thing? You can combine the Sc@n solution with the benefits of our webshop. That way, you can make sure your ordering process is as efficient as possible.



It’s so quick to prepare everything.


WASI provides the WASI barcode scanner including all the necessary labels for your products. Now simply stick the barcode labels onto the shelf bases or storage containers, depending on your articles.


After scanning, products go automatically to the basket.


Using the WASI scanner, you can read the barcodes of the articles that are running low on stock, directly at the shelf or using a barcode catalogue. The scanned data from the WASI scanner is automatically transmitted to the WASI online shop when you connect the scanner by USB.


Edit shopping basket and order products.


In the online shop, you can edit the order quantities any time and add more articles. Now you just need to activate the orders online.