Individual solutions for all your challenges.

We meet unusual requirements with special solutions. Special and drawing parts, for example, are parts that are not standardised and that are made individually as required. These are generally manufactured from drawings. Sometimes these are standardised parts with parameters that have been slightly changed from those in the DIN standard, such as screws, other connecting elements or fixings with special dimensions, surfaces or coatings. Our product portfolio includes turned and milled parts, stamped and bent parts and extruded components in all possible materials. These can also be supplied with any surface or coating. Experienced technicians and application consultants decide on the best manufacturing process for your special parts.


Everything according to drawing specifications

Turned and milled parts.

We supply turned and milled parts according to the specification drawings for all applications – made from all machinable materials and with any surface. Our suppliers produce across the globe on CNC machines, single- and multi-spindle machines and automatic rotary machines and ring lathes.

Different Materials

Stamped and bent parts.

Our producers bend, stamp, roll, cut threads, compress, reduce and emboss using a huge range of materials, depending on the specification. The large selection of bent wire, bent tube or bent strip parts opens up a wealth of possibilities.

The cost-effective alternative to turned parts

Extruded parts.


Special screws and cold-formed parts are generally produced on multi-stage presses. The geometries and the volume of parts are coordinated in such a way that production without any material losses is possible. Extruded parts therefore represent an affordable alternative to turned parts. Our core expertise here is in the area of stainless steel.