Short delivery timesand planning reliability.


In our 11,000 m² logistics area, an average of 100 tonnes of goods leaves WASI’s warehouse each day. On peak days, it can be up to 200 tonnes. It’s all made possible by a modern, carefully conceived dispatch system that guarantees short delivery times and allows you to plan with confidence. In this way, 600-1,000 orders covering 3,000-5,000 order items are processed each day.


A fully automated high-bay warehouse.


The 30 m high and 100 m long fully automated high-bay facility amazes all our visitors. In addition, the warehouse has 16,500 pallet spaces and 200,000 container spaces. The cutting-edge shuttle system with 35,000 docking spaces forms the heart of the intralogistics supply network, with almost 4 km of conveyor technology. This means that we have 21,000 articles weighing more than 10,000 tonnes permanently in stock. Up to 50,000 different articles are handled in the warehouse each year.


Always ahead of the rest.


It has been our aim, since 1961, to operate as a trustworthy, reliable partner in the European and international market. This is also reflected in the volumes of goods we dispatch. More than 80% of our outgoing goods are transported by land across Europe to our customers. WASI also enables goods to be supplied across the globe by air and sea. 150-200 pallets and around 1,000-2,000 packages are dispatched each day.

Flexible and efficient

Smooth operations and a high response capability are important to WASI. To do this, our material flow has been so efficiently designed that it can be structured for any type of order. And it doesn’t matter whether we are sending a small package or a full truck load. With our fast throughput times, package orders can be completed in less than an hour.


Ingenious and well thought-out

Thanks to our ingenious, flexible and efficient capacity planning, we can respond to changing demands at any time. When further developing our logistics processes, we focus on intelligently combining efficient automation and flexible, ergonomically design operating procedures.