Your safety is close to our hearts.

Automobility is an important pillar of progress. Every day, millions of people across the whole world depend on cars. Alongside the design or comfort of a vehicle, the theme of safety is a major priority. This is also the reason why the demands on processing, quality and logistics in this sector are so very high.


The safety and quality of every component.

Screw connections and fixing elements hold together everything running on our railway lines. But WASI products are also used in the maintenance of rail vehicles and over, under and alongside the track bed. From adjustable feet through to anchor fittings, wire cables and accessories, we create a safe framework for successful rail transport.


You can build on WASI.

You’ll find WASI wherever our infrastructure needs to be rustproof, in traffic engineering, canal building and bridge building, for example. With its rust-free products, WASI ensures that only high-quality connecting elements are installed, and it has therefore been a reliable partner to the building sector for over 60 years.


Connections where the chemistry is right.

The chemical sector has an enormous range of production requirements. From refineries through plants to chemical parks – the common factor is the high standard to be met in terms of safety and quality. Our innovative products are designed precisely for these purposes. They are used in connecting container, pipework and pump elements or wherever there is a need for particularly high levels of resistance to rust and acids.


The world is electrified.

Behind every effective power line lies a safe switch cabinet. For every light, there is a distributor board, a socket or a fixing. From the smallest control boxes to comprehensive building system technologies, our rust-proof stainless steel connectors are keeping electrical components and systems safe across the globe.


The power behind the energy sector.

Whether it’s wind or water, heating or gas – the technology behind these forces of nature must be perfect. Our energy flows into the production of the highest-quality connectors. Durable, resilient, flexible and suitable for use in countless applications – our products make the connections for you.


Highest standards of cleanliness.

There’s no room for margins of error, lack of precision or half measures in the production, storage and distribution of food. Because high-calibre foods can only be as good as the conditions in which they are produced. We meet this demand with WASI’s usual levels of precision and quality.


Precision down to the tiniest screw.

Precision and complexity are at the heart of machine building. The professional manufacture of end products, components and parts forms the backbone of the world economy. This sector thus has a key role to play. With their precision and high quality, WASI connections ensure smooth operation that you can rely on.


Your partner for rust-proof components.

Whatever you’re planning at sea – we’ll make sure that it lasts. Our portfolio in the Maritime sector ranges from deck and sailing supplies to connecting elements for drilling platforms and engine equipment for all standard types of ship and boat. For underwater activities, WASI also has the right connectors, snap hooks and belt buckles for your diving equipment in stock.


Reliability down to the smallest detail.

The many different areas of medical technology call for absolute reliability in every detail. It’s a good thing that WASI’s around. With our innovative and reliable solutions, we can meet many needs in the world of medical technology.



Investment in a sunny future.

From the smallest screw to the longest rail: WASI has the right product palette for pitched and flat roof substructures in the field of solar energy systems. Whether it’s a single-family dwelling or a warehouse – we not only cover your urgent immediate needs; we’ll also support you as your partners in major projects.


Doesn’t drip, doesn’t rust and doesn’t leak.

In bathrooms and sanitary facilities, every component is faced with extreme challenges. Moisture, fluctuating temperatures and tough demands when it comes to aesthetics and resilience call for a partner whose expertise is comprehensive and reliable. From the shower through taps to drainage, WASI offers solutions for connecting technology that you can rely on.



A building is more than just the sum of its parts.

In a home, workplace or production plant – only the right technical equipment will enable a building to function properly. From heating, air-conditioning and ventilating equipment through locking technology to mechanical parts on windows and doors, WASI products get every detail right. They turn four simple walls into a fully functioning, safe building, providing lightning protection, guardrails or fences.


Because your safety is close to our hearts.

Whether it’s a front garden, a prison, precious natural and cultural spaces, or real estate and industrial complexes – WASI is your partner for stainless steel products that are so vital in fence building. We focus on making the highest product quality and reliability available to you quickly and anywhere in the world. Because your satisfaction is our most important success factor.