With the WASI Sc@n solution, you can significantly reduce the time needed to procure our products thanks to the innovative technology. Whether it be for a shelving system or a barcode catalogue: Scanner solutions work quickly, accurately and simply. And best of all, the Sc@n solution can be combined with the advantages of our web shop. In this way you get maximum efficiency from your ordering process.

How WASI Sc@n works:

  • 1 - You receive the WASI barcode scanner including the associated labels for your products.
  • 2 - Stick the barcode labels according to your article onto the shelves or the storage container.
  • 3 - Using the WASI scanner, you can directly read the barcode of the article where your stock is running low from the shelf (or using a barcode catalogue).
  • 4 - The scanned data from the WASI scanner are automatically transferred to the WASI online shop when you connect the scanner via USB.
  • 5 - In the online shop, you can adjust the order quantities at any time as well as add more articles.
  • 6 - Trigger the order online.

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Order simply, quickly and easily in our WASI web shop. You can get all the important information about your desired article along with current prices and availability.

You can find all product catalogues, brochures and certificates available as PDF documents to download in our download area.

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