Fast, clean, ecological: WASI stainless steel fasteners with Lubo Lubrication!

Whether screws, threaded rods, hydraulic couplings, or special makes, WASI stainless steel fasteners pretreated with Lubo Lubrication maximize work efficiency and cost effectiveness. The constantly low coefficient of friction of 0.12 suppresses cold welding. Screws can then be driven at speeds up to 800 rpm – and removed at any time without irreparable damage.

Thanks to its special properties, Lubo coated WASI fasteners are universal solutions: in machine building, offshore installations, shipbuilding, industry, civil engineering, and even pharmaceutical and food plant.

Your advantages


WASI cooperation partners:

Drive screws up to 32× faster.

Up to 800 instead of 25 rpm. Automatic screw driving possible.


No contamination on machines, tools, or workpieces.

Thin, insoluble film instead of thick, unmanageable lubricant doses.


Safe for people and the environment.

Fulfills the FDA requirements and is also approved for pharmaceutical and food plant.


Constantly low coefficient of friction of 0.12 (like steel).

Precise torque calculations possible.


Nondestructive removal possible.

Seized screws no longer need to be parted or drilled out or new threads cut. Screws can be reused.


Natural and ecological.

100% natural, environmentally friendly substances and minerals with no heavy metals in accordance with ELV (2000/53/EC).


Also suitable under extreme conditions.

Resistant to fresh and salt water, weak lyes and acids (960 h salt spray test). Suitable for all conventional temperature ranges.