WASI ordering system

WASI's ordering system is a shelf management system which is based entirely on your material numbers. With this not only WASI's fasteners and as many other products from other categories as desired can be managed and handled using the WASI ordering system.

Our system will be customised specially for you, it can have as many different articles and storage locations as you wish.

Here you have complete control over the ordering system, you can add or delete articles or change container specifications, such as capacities.

In addition, all variants of shelving or container systems can be mapped. The smallest unit of containers is uniquely identifiable and is always in one of the defined conditions (goods present, goods in the shopping cart, ordered, goods in the inflow). Your internal goods flow, such as transfers from the central warehouse to the production locations can be controlled using our system.

You receive all the data in your ERP system so that you do not need to do any data entry. We would be happy to add other suppliers specified by you to the WASI ordering system so that your suppliers can also be automatically provided with the order data relevant to them.

Procedure when using the WASI ordering system:

  • Scan the empty container
  • Connect the scanner to the PC, you are automatically logged into the system. The scanned products are automatically placed into the shopping cart
  • The article status is changed
  • Orders/transfers are dispatched and the ordering data are passed to you and the respective supplier.