We are continuously improving our three quality pillars, "Product", "Process" and "Service and Support" to be your strategic partner for stainless-steel components.

Our processes are aligned to meet your requirements and expectations and are subject to continuous optimisation. Our process-oriented management system which is externally monitored annually and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 is part of our defined continuous improvement process. 

Thanks to the staff and technical resources in our international quality assurance department and our excellently prepared team in our supplier management area, we are able to ensure we provide the quality demanded and agreed for the products we supply.

To provide you with excellent service and advice tailor-made for you, we work with industry-focussed departments.

Our philosophy for a common and successful future:

Consistent orientation towards the customer

  • You are the focus of all our actions
  • Your needs shape our thinking and action
  • We set ourselves the challenge of the market

Increasing customer value ensures both our and your success and indeed our and your jobs 

  • Your requirement is our challenge
  • Using our knowledge, we can offer you suggested solutions
  • Our activities for you are designed to be quick and flexible

Staff are the most important factor in our success

  • Trained employees contribute their ideas towards improvements and practical solutions
  • They are responsible for the quality of their activities and committed to continuous improvement
  • We value people and take our corporate social responsibility seriously

The partnership with our suppliers ensures reliability and flexibility in the deliveries

  • The quality of our suppliers plays a huge part in the quality of our products and services
  • We take care of the relationship with our partners and value continuity
  • In the event of any deviations, we support our suppliers as a partner and expect that they provide sustainable improvements

The world provides us with her resources 

  • We take care of our environment
  • Both we and our partners make efficient use of natural resources