With the WASI Sc@n solution, you can significantly reduce the time needed to procure our products thanks to the innovative technology. Whether it be for a shelving system or a barcode catalogue: Scanner solutions work quickly, accurately and simply. And best of all, the Sc@n solution can be combined with the advantages of our web shop. In this way you get maximum efficiency from your ordering process.

How WASI Sc@n works:

  • 1 - You receive the WASI barcode scanner including the associated labels for your products.
  • 2 - Stick the barcode labels according to your article onto the shelves or the storage container.
  • 3 - Using the WASI scanner, you can directly read the barcode of the article where your stock is running low from the shelf (or using a barcode catalogue).
  • 4 - The scanned data from the WASI scanner are automatically transferred to the WASI online shop when you connect the scanner via USB.
  • 5 - In the online shop, you can adjust the order quantities at any time as well as add more articles.
  • 6 - Trigger the order online.