The new product catalogue WASI Norm
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DIN and Norm parts create cohesion

WASI Norm contains fasteners made of stainless steel A1 to A5 in all property classes and various special materials. The product range includes standard norm products according to DIN, EN or ISO as well as prevalent international norms.

This includes stainless steel screws, screw nuts, rings, washers, lock washers, pins, rivets, threaded rods, hose clamps and much more.

All non-standard fasteners are standardized in WASI in-house norms such as chipboard, slotted mushroom head, plumbing and facade building screws, hammer-head and dowel screws, shear and sleeve nuts, Schnorr safety washers, plain washers, coupler nuts and many more.

And also stainless dowel systems with technical approval by the building authorities such as anchor studs, wedge and drop-in anchors are part of the division WASI Norm.

The quality of products is guaranteed by sole use of qualified and, for the most part, certified suppliers. To be able to guarantee long-lasting connections this quality of our WASI Norm product is being tested day by day.

In addition, for installations requiring monitoring, WASI also supplies fasteners approved by the building authorities as well as TÜV-certified items from stock. These products are, of course, also available with the required testing certificates.

Furthermore, we supply products from screw and nut manufacturer according to AD 2000 – W2 as well as TRD 106 certification.