The OSR shuttle system from KNAPP

To be able to meet the increasing requirements of the market the company KNAPP Systemintegration supports WASI with modular logistic solutions for its logistics at the new location in Wuppertal Ronsdorf.

The centrepiece of the system is the OSR Shuttle, which has been installed during running business. The shuttle system was built first time for a three shelves deep storage. It serves as a AKL, buffer overflow, stock receipt and shipping buffer and provides four workplaces, which allow to deal with 540 positions/containers per hour thanks to their high dynamical, multifunctional and ergonomic construction.

Because of the comprehensive logistics software of the KiSoft product family, WASI integrates highly modern handling and storage technology with different components such as high-bay storage, various picking warehouses, picking systems for containers and pallets. Therefore WASI meets the different requirements of a very wide range of customer, from small parcels over prepicked orders up to big volumes on pallets. One thing that should be pointed out is the highly efficient warehousing system KiSoft Warehouse and the efficient material flow calculator KiSoft Control. The combination of both systems allows an ideal flow of goods.

The process of order picking of the stainless steel products in all areas of our distribution centre follows the voice-operated system KiSoft Voice. The ideal application area of the voice-operated system meets exactly the requirements of WASI: simplicity, flexibility and the possibility to use both hands for picking especially in respect of the broad range of products. The enormous capacities of the fully automatic high-bay storage in combination with the standardized software from KiSoft Motion enables us to store our wide range of products in corresponding amounts on a small space in order to gain quick availability for our customers.